Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies

Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru
Affiliated to Bangalore University


Academic Staff

An amicable atmosphere is created in the classroom by the experienced & well qualified faculty members. Our staff are the strength & back bone of the institute.

The office personnel are a committed team providing administrative support to the academic staff, parents & Students.

Teaching Staff
Asha G. Professor. In Kannada (HOD) M.A, NET
Lakshami S. Senior Lecturer in commerce M.Com, M.PHIL
Manjula V. Senior Lecturer in commerce (HOD) M.Com, MBA, M.PHIL (PhD)
Roopashree U. Senior Lecturer in English(HOD) M.A, PGCTE, M.PHIL, (PhD)
Chetana M. R. Senior Lecturer in commerce MBA, M.Com, PGDHRM, M.PHIL, ( PhD)
Sowmya D. N. Lecturer in commerce M.Com, PGDBA.
Shivakumar S. L. Lecturer in commerce M.Com, MBA.
Prabhakar P. Lecturer in commerce M.Com, NET, SET.
Shiva Kumar C. S. Lecturer in commerce M.Com, M.PHIL, NET.
Nagarathna M. Malagi Lecturer in commerce MBA,(M.Com), KSET.
Mahanthesh H. B. Lecturer in commerce M.Com
Dr Viswa Jhananie K R Lecturer in computer science (HOD) MCA, M.PHIL, PhD.
Dr. Shobha M C Senior Lecturer in Kannada M.A(PhD)
Asha G. Lecturer in commerce M.Com, KSET
Reshma B. Lecturer in computer science BE, M.Tech
Bindu S. Lecturer in commerce M.Com (MBA)
Shivananda Bande Lecturer in English M.A, B.ED
Nandini R. G. Lecturer in Commerce M.Com
Harshini M Lecturer in Commerce
Ravi Kumar Librarian
Akshatha M R Lecturer in Computer Science
Renuka C Lecturer in Commerce
Chiranjivi M S Physical Education Director B.Com, B.PEd, M.PEd
Sneha R Lecturer in Computer Science BE, M.Tech
Bharath R Lecturer in Commerce B.Com, M.Com
Anu Priya Lecturer in Commerce B.Com, M.Com
Part Time Teaching Staff
Mangalgi Surekha Mallikarjun Lecturer in Hindi
Sreedhara K V Lecturer in Kannada
Praveen K Lecturer in Commerce
Pavithra Char Lecturer in sanskrit M.A (M.PHIL)
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