Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies

Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru
Permanently Affiliated to Bangalore University And Recognized by UGC Under 2(f) and 12(B)

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ED and IIC Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell is meant to develop entrepreneurial abilities among the students. It refers to inculcate creative thinking and nurture entrepreneurial development, and polishing of entrepreneurial skills into a person needed to establish and successfully run his / her enterprise. the cell hopes to achieve by providing a platform with the tools and services, training and education, and a positive social network to share ideas, explore opportunities, and provide the support they need along their journey to be a successful entrepreneurial. The Cell also conducts a "VINYAS" annual Entrepreneurs' Mela in which students market and sell their products.


The cell's ultimate vision is to be the one place for all entrepreneurs to achieve business and to reach a higher level of prosperity for a benefit society, and unlock our innate potential for goodness, compassion, and sharing.

  • To develop a hub for best entrepreneurship and Professional Talent.
  • To create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the student community.
  • Provides students with access to funding, incubation facilities and legal support.

Cell organizes events such as workshops, Seminars, Industrial Visits and Competitions such as Business Quiz, B-Plan and so on in assisting students to learn about entrepreneurship and develop their business skills.

"Unnati" – ED Cell Committee

Faculty Convener
  • Keerthi Lakshmi Talakad
Student Conveners
  • Umme Sara
  • Nikhil B M
IIC –Institutional Innovation Council Cell

Institutional Innovation Council (IIC) Cell is an initiative established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Education (formerly Ministry of Human Resource Development) to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).

  • To create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty within HEIs.
  • To faster creativity, problem-solving skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset among the academic community.
  • Conducting training programs, mentoring sessions, and workshops focused on entrepreneurship skills such as business planning, finance management, marketing, and pitching.
  • Providing support and guidance to student startups and innovative projects, including access to incubation facilities, mentorship from industry experts, and networking opportunities.
The council members are as under:
Sl. No. Name of the Member Member Type (Teaching/Non-Teaching/External Expert) Key Role/ Position assigned in IIC
1 Dr. Sowmya D N Teaching President, IPR Coordinator, ARIIA Coordinator
2 Roopashree U Teaching Member
3 Shivakumar C S Teaching NIRF Coordinator
4 Manasa V Teaching Member
5 Keerthi Lakshmi Talakad Teaching Convener
6 Shivanand Bande Teaching Member
7 Archana M Teaching Innovation Activity Start up Activity Coordinator
8 Chaithra H S Teaching Social Media
9 Nandini R G Teaching Internship Activity Coordinator
List of Student Members:
Sl. No. Name of the Member Member Type Key Role assigned in IIC
1 Sahana N Student Member Internship Coordinator
2 Darshan H Student Member Social Media Coordinator
3 Suraj S Student Member NIRF Coordinator
4 Honnadevi S Student Member Startup Coordinator
5 Sindhu Student Member Startup Coordinator
6 Tarashree R Student Member Overall Coordinator
7 Trilok Student Member IPR Coordinator
8 Shashank N Bharadwaj Student Member Internship Coordinator
List of External Members:
Sl. No. Name of the Member Member Type Key Role assigned in IIC
1 Harish Founder, HGS Solutions Member