Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies

Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru
Permanently Affiliated to Bangalore University



Academic Year 2023 - 24

Course Combination Sections Total Strength Minimum Eligibility
Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com. As per Bangalore University regulations. 3 240 10 + 2
(Any Stream)
Bachelor of Business Administration - B.B.A. As per Bangalore University regulations. 1 60 10 + 2
(Any Stream)
Bachelor of Computer Applications - B.C.A. As per Bangalore University regulations. 2 90 10 + 2
(Any Stream)
Fee Structure
Sl No Course Fee Structure
1 B.C.A. 60,000/-
2 B.B.A. 53,000/-
3 B.Com. 53,000/-
Admission Criteria
  • Rs. 10000/- scholarship will be rewarded for the students who secured above 90% in II PUC Examination.
  • 100% tuition fee concession for students who secured above 95% in II PUC Examination
  • Fees can be paid in two instalments.
  • Direct admission for the students who have scored above 60%.
  • Student who have scored < 60% & more than 50% have to submit application form at the office.
  • 50% and 100% tuition fees concession for state and national level participants in any sports events.
  • Management reserves the right to admission.

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Faculties of SABS as Text Book Committee Members under the new NEP Syllabus of Bangalore University
Duration of Programmes, Credits Requirements and Options :

The undergraduate degree should be three- or four-year, with multiple entries and exit options within this period. The four-year multidisciplinary Bachelor’s programme is the preferred option. It allows the opportunity to experience the full range of holistic and multidisciplinary education, focusing on major and minor subjects as per the student’s preference. The four year programme may also lead to a degree in Research if the student completes a rigorous research project in the study's major area(s). Thus the undergraduate programmes shall extend over four academic years (Eight Semesters) with multiple entries and exit options. The students can exit after the completion of one academic year (Two semesters) with the Certificate in a discipline or a field; Diploma after the study of Two academic years (Four Semesters); and Regular Bachelor Degree after the completion of Three academic years (Six Semesters). The successful completion of Four Years undergraduate Programmes would lead to Bachelor Degrees with Honours in a discipline/subject. Each semester shall consist of at least 16 weeks of study with a minimum of 90 working days (excluding time spent for the conduct of final examination of each semester).

The credit requirements as follows.

Exit with MinimumCredits Requirement* NSQF Level
Certificate at the Successful Completion of First Year (Two Semesters) of Four Years Multidisciplinary UG Degree Programme 48 5
A Diploma at the Successful Completion of the Second Year (Four Semesters) of Four Years Multidisciplinary UG Degree Programme 96 6
Basic Bachelor Degree at the Successful Completion of the Third Year (Six Semesters) of Four Years Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Degree Programme 140 7
Bachelor Degree with Honours in a Disciplineat the Successful Completion of the Four Years (Eight Semesters) Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Degree Programme 180 8
*Details of courses to be successfully completed equal to minimum credits requirement are described later
Continuous Formative Evaluation/ Internal Assessment :

Total marks for each course shall be based on continuous assessments and semester-end examinations. As per the decision taken at the Karnataka State Higher Education Council, it is necessary to have a uniform pattern of 40:60 for IA and Semester End theory examinations respectively and 50:50 for IA and Semester End practical examinations, respectively, in all the Universities, their Affiliated and Autonomous Colleges.

  • Total Marks for each course = 100%
  • Continuous assessment (C1) = 20% marks
  • Continuous assessment (C2) = 20% marks
  • Semester End Examination (C3) = 60% marks
Attendance :

Each semester is taken as a unit for the purpose of calculating attendance. A student is considered to have satisfied the requirement of attendance for the semester if he has attended not less than 75% of the number of working hours in each of the subjects. A student who fails to complete the course in the manner stated above shall not be allowed to take the university examination.

Minimum marks for Pass :

Candidates who have obtained at least 35% marks in written examination /practical examination and 40% marks in the aggregate of written / practical examination and internal assessment put together in each of the courses and 40% marks (including IA) in Project work and viva wherever prescribed are declared to be passed in the semester Examination

Classification of Successful Candidates :

An alpha-sign grade, the eight-point grading system, as described below, may be adopted. The declaration of result is based on the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) earned towards the end of each semester or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) earned towards completing all the eight semesters of the programme and the corresponding overall alpha-sign grades. If some candidates exit at the completion of first, the second or third year of the four years Undergraduate Programmes, with Certificate, Diploma or the Basic Degree, respectively, then the results of successful candidates at the end of second, fourth or sixth semesters shall also be classified based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) obtained in the two, four, six or eight semesters, respectively for award of:

  • Certificate in Arts/ Science/ Commerce
  • Diploma in Arts/ Science/ Commerce
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts/ Science/ Commerce
  • Bachelor's Degree with Honours in a Discipline/Subject

Table I: Final Results / Grades Description

Semester GPA / Program CGPA Alpha-Sign / Letter Grade Semester / Program % of Marks Result / Class Description
9.00 - 10.00 O (Outstanding) 90.0-100 Outstanding
8.00 - 9.00 A+ (Excellent) 80.0 - 90.0 First Class Exemplary
7.00 - 8.00 A (Very Good) 70.0 - 80.0 First Class Distinction
6.00 - 7.00 B+ (Good) 60.0 - 70.0 First Class
5.50 - 60.0 B (AboveAverage) 55.0 - 60.0 High Second Class
5.00 - 5.50 C (Average) 50.0 - 55.0 Second Class
4.00 - 5.00 P (Pass) 40.0 - 50.0 Pass Class
Below 4.00 F (Fail) Below 40 Fail/Reappear
AB (Absent) - Absent -
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Programme Focus - B.Com programme offers a strong foundation comprehensive understanding by giving a comprehensive curriculum regarding the operation of businesses, financial transactions, and a variety of specialised topics. It's an undergraduate curriculum aimed at bridging the gap between academic study and practical implementation to inculcate professional business abilities. The B.Com course covers a wide range of topics that bridge the gap between the business and academic worlds. Commerce degrees are in high demand in the business world. There are several postgraduate courses accessible for those with a desire to advance their education. The curriculum was created to meet the demands of the global industry. The college's motto is "Dedicated to Excel," so it hosts a variety of unique competitions, workshops, guest lectures, and webinars from highly qualified and experienced resource people. In terms of a practical approach, the college offers internships and industrial trips to keep students up to date on the latest in the business world. The institution tries tirelessly to provide students with a variety of certification programmes and value-added courses that help them stand out and make them highly employable.

Entry Requirements:

Students who have completed the two year pre-university course of Karnataka or an examination recognized 10+2 as equivalent there to such as ICSC/CBSE from Commerce / Arts / Science / Stream are eligible.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

Programme Focus - By integrating practical training with industrial scale conceptual instruction, the Bachelor of Business Administration programme seeks to create a dynamic and demanding environment for students to improve their management talents and become energetic managers in the business world. This programme combines conceptual knowledge, analytical capabilities, and technical ability. Seminars, group discussions, business quizzes, case study analyses, role playing, guest lectures, competitions such as best manager, mock interviews, and other activities are all organised by the college to help students improve their communication skills, leadership qualities, and interpersonal relationships. The institution focuses on bridging the gap between academics and industry requirements by offering certification programmes and value added training to help students improve their manners in order to take advantage of placement chances available on campus by reputable employers. Internships, fieldtrips, and industrial visits are all part of the curriculum, giving students a sense of on-the-job training.

Entry Requirements:

Students who have completed the two year pre-university course of Karnataka or an examination recognized 10+2 as equivalent there to such as ICSC/CBSE from Commerce / Arts / Science / Stream are eligible.

Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A.)

Programme Focus - The B.C.A. Program is introduced in the Bangalore University from the academic year 2000-2001. It is popular course throughout the country as it provides a sound basic understanding of computer science along with supporting subjects of mathematics, statistics, communicative and Technical English, system analysis, DBS, Accounting and various programs in computers. This course is designed to the needs of scientific development. The students are motivated to conduct independent software programs apart from undergoing practical training as part of the course requirement in our well equipped computer laboratory.

Entry Requirements:

Students who have completed the two year pre-university course of Karnataka or an examination recognized 10+2 as equivalent there to such as ICSC/CBSE from Commerce / Arts / Science / Stream are eligible.

  • Irregular attendance & unjustified absence, habitual idleness or objectionable moral influences justify dismissal.
  • Students are not allowed to possess cell phones and other electionics gadgets inside the classroom. If the same is seized by the college authorities, students cannot claim the same.
  • Every Saturday is treated as 'Khadi day' and students and staff should attend the college with khadi dressess.
  • The Students of B.Com and B.B.A. courses are expected to wear blazers on two days in a week (Monday and Thursday)
Dress Code :

Students are asked to wear Blazers (B.Com.) & Uniform (B.C.A. & B.B.A.) on Monday & Thursday compulsorily.