Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies

Kengeri Satellite Town, Bengaluru
Permanently Affiliated to Bangalore University And Recognized by UGC Under 2(f) and 12(B)

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Counseling & Mentoring

Mentoring - "Manthana"
Counseling and Mentoring

A Mentor adorns the role of a second parent in whom the mentee confides. Holistic development of a mentee is the sole concern of a mentor.

  • M - Motivate
  • E - Encourage
  • N - Notice
  • T - Train
  • O - Obliging
  • R - Readiness

Holistic development of our students is our Quality Policy, which is very important for our students to be socially responsible and to grow as nation builders. Yes, mentoring aims at providing complete motivation and support to students for their overall improvement and success. Help identify career paths for students and support students' personal growth. Provide an opportunity for students to learn and practice professional networking skills. Equip students with the understanding and tools to make ethical and informed decisions. To improve discipline and human interaction on the campus through the mentoring system.

"We are here to make you feel at Home."

In short a mentor is a Friend, Philosopher and Guide who strives for the betterment of his students with a selfless attitude like a parent.

Roles of a Mentor
  • To provide opportunities for students to build academic, social and professional networks through various curricular and co-curricular activities through essential motivation and constant interaction with students.
  • To assist students in feeling more connected to the campus and to academia.
  • To support students to improve their ability to articulate and formulate plans to actively pursue and achieve their academic and career goals and instil a sense of social responsibility in them.
Counseling - "Spandana"
  • C - Compassion
  • O - Optimistic
  • U - Understanding
  • N - Nourish
  • S - Support
  • E - Empathy
  • L - Lively
  • I - Inspire
  • N - Nurture
  • G - Growth

" Your life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change " – Jim Rohn

Integrating body, mind and soul are very essential for every human life. Counselling becomes vital part of college life to give proper guidance to the so that they learn from their mistakes and mould themselves responsibly at the right time.

A counselling committee formed at our college interacts with students, when they come to know that a student has some problems (be it in academics or personal life). The student is put at ease by interacting with the committee members and a strict counsel is done to solve the problem of the student to the extent possible. Counselling in charge officer spends designated 2 hours every week to interact with students who need moral support, guidance and suggestions to increase their relaxation level in the institution.

"Manthana" – Mentoring Committee

Faculty Convener
  • Prof. Lakshmi S
Student Conveners
  • Nisha S
  • Chaithra N
Parents - Teachers Meeting

The Parents-Teachers Meeting is held every semester with the objective of fostering and promoting cordial relationships among the parents, teachers, and students of the college. This PTM encourages parents or guardians to be involved in academic issues and helps in the development of ward performance. Moreover, an association with parents to an educational institution provide a greater feedback for the enrichment and development of institution and also improves the quality of education from the institution with valuable input from students.The Parents-Teachers Meeting provides a platform through which the Principal and teachers discuss any issues concerning students with their parents or guardians.

Parents - Teachers Meeting

Faculty Convener
  • Keerthi Lakshmi Talkad