Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell

National Women Helpline Number - 18001805522

Emergency Help-Line Number +91-8277488676

The College has an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell and the various faculty members have been designated to take care of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell. The Committee deals with issues relating to sexual harassment at the college. It is applicable to all students and faculty. A complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment may be lodged by the victim or a third party

A written complaint may be addressed to the principal over phone or in person and it will be kept confidential and also the action will be taken immediately. The students can also communicate their problem directly to the Principal. The cell provides security & counselling to those who have faced problem and mental trauma. The details of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell members have been displayed in the college notice board for student reference.

The Cell deals with issues relating to sexual harassment. The issues related under following behaviour.

  • Demand or request for sexual favours
  • Sexually coloured remarks
  • Eve-teasing,
  • Jokes causing or likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment,
  • Gender based insults or sexist remarks,
  • Unwelcome sexual overtone in any manner such as over telephone
  • Touching or brushing against any part of the body and the like,
  • Displaying pornographic or other offensive or derogatory pictures, cartoons, pamphlets or sayings,
  • Physical confinement against one's will and any other act likely to violate one's privacy. The victim and harasser can be any gender
  • The harasser does not have to be of the opposite sex

The proceedings of the Committee

  • The victim and harasser can be any gender
  • The harasser does not have to be of the opposite sex
  • As soon as the issue came to know immediate action will be taken against guilt party and ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment.
  • Every fortnight the committee members will meet and discuss the issues and action plan will be taken to prevent that in future.