SABS believes in "Together we can change the world", so to improve our students in all the areas to face the world's challenges & to help our students to mould their academic as well as professional careers, SABS has formed a number of active committees to provide a platform to our students to show their talent and improve themselves to compete in the world.


Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies is in process of going for NAAC accreditation. In this regard, quality is of paramount importance. The IQAC of the college strives to maintain the best quality in all the activities of the college. With its meticulous planning, the IQAC ensures successful completion of the events planned for the academic year. Issues concerning quality in accordance to the Seven Criteria are constantly monitored to ensure the best results. Quality Enhancement Training Programmes are conducted for both staff and students. The Vision, Mission, Goal and the Quality Policy of the Institution are considered and programmes are structured accordingly to suit the needs of all the stake holders. The IQAC spares no efforts to sustain Quality.

Student Welfare Committee

As students are the aspiring leaders of tomorrow, their welfare is the key concern of the student welfare committee. Every step that promotes the overall success and development of every student of SABS is the concern of this committee. As quoted by Gandhiji "Future depends on what we do in the present", hence this committee spares no effort to present a bright future to every student of SABS.

The Equal Opportunity Cell

The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college ensures that all students are treated equally. No discrimination is made on grounds of gender, disability or minority status etc. is ensured. It also aims at imparting employment skills. The cell also works along with the student welfare committee to provide guidance and counselling with respect to academics and other co-curricular activities. The key focus of the cell is to provide equal opportunity to all and to reduce the diversity within the campus.

  • To provide equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and also bring about social inclusion.
  • To eliminate the perception of discrimination.
  • To create a convenient atmosphere for academic interaction and to ensure healthy interpersonal relationships among the students from various social backgrounds.
  • To work towards Gender sensitization.

Prayer Committee

The Prayer committee is responsible for conducting the prayer at 7.45 a.m. everyday. The committee identifies students who can take lead in the prayer and ensures that a melodious prayer is sung everyday to invoke the blessings of the Almighty to begin the day.

Magazine Committee

The college has its own annual magazine called "PRANATI", that is published at the end of every academic year. The magazine contains essay writing, poetry, puzzles, drawing by students. Any research work done by the faculties or articles written are also published. The main aim is to improve student’s writing skills and creativity as well.

Timetable Committee

Preparing the semester wise class timetable or adjusting the daily timetable in the absence of a particular lecturer is the core work of the timetable committee. In case of absence of any lecturer, the committee plays an active role in making adjustments in the allotted time table and ensures the smooth conduct of classes.

Tour Committee

Arranging industrial visits for the students is done by the Tour committee. The committee ensures that the right choice of places are made and the students are made to visit both local and out of state industries. The safety of the students while on industrial visits is another major concern of the committee. The tour committee provides practical exposure to students, and strengthens the theoretical knowledge of the students.

Fest Committee

The Inter Collegiate Cultural and Management Fest at the end of every academic year is organized by the Fest Committee. Ken Shediz Fest 2011 was the first of its kind in SABS. This was followed by Kalarava in the year 2012. Both the fests had participants from nearly 25 to 30 colleges across Bengaluru. Various cultural and management related competitions were conducted and prizes were given away to the winners on the same day. The fest is organized for one day and the atmosphere of the college is filled with fun n frolic on this day. The college has gained a widespread recognition through the fests.

The Centre for Gandhian Studies

The Centre for Gandhian Studies being in its infant stage focuses towards disseminating the Gandhian values to the students.The centre is working on values among the students through screening of Gandhiji's films,in-house and intercollegiate competitions like pencil sketching and extempore on the Gandhian topics.In future the centre is planning to provide the certificate courses,camps visiting to Gandhiji's museum for the members of the centre and many more activities related to imbibing Gandhian values.Many Valuable Books on Gandhiji have been made available in the library.The motto of the centre is to "Re-live the Gandhian values" "Satyameva Jayathe"