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To enable students to take responsibility of creating a more egalitarian democratic and civil society through their heightened academic, cultural and human sensitiveness and industrial practices.


To create an academic par excellence in the field of commerce and make a powerful and positive impact on, personal, professional and industrial practices.

Commerce and Management is a part and parcel of the economy where commerce is lifeblood of the economy and management is the heart which manages its activities.


Consequently, a forum dedicated exclusively for Commerce and Management is the most essential thing in any Educational Institution. The forum focuses at catering to the needs of the students with respect to Commerce and Management, by providing various opportunities to the students in order to enhance their knowledge activities such as, seminars on recent issues like GST, Demonetisation, IFRS, Banking, etc.

The forum not only enhances knowledge, but also provides to apply that knowledge along with Managerial skills. The forum ignites the spirit of competition among students by conducting various competitions which also develop the ability and strengthens each student. The COMMENT forum also focusses on career building.

The COMMENT forum has always stood as the most helpful forum for the Commerce and Management students and undoubtedly that every individual who joins the forum flies out with significant knowledge.