Bhasha Sangama

Express your heart, mind and soul in English, Kannada, Hindi or Sanskrit. Language is no barrier to expression. Bhasha Sangama is an endeavor of the language department to nurture creativity in languages.

Many competitions such as essay writing, debates, quiz, pick and speak and other language related competitions are held throughout the "Bhasha Sapthaha" a weeklong programme to conduct language competitions at various levels.

We firmly believe that this noble endeavor would go a long way in strengthening the language base among the students.

"Bhasha Sanghama" of Kannada dept organizes many guest lecturers like "KaviKavya Darshana", "Geetha Gayana Programme", 'Janapada Geetha ondu Nota', "Shikshana Andu Indu, "Janapad Sahityadalli Hasya" and also runs the weekly Kannada News letter.

Bhasha Sangama Bhasha Sangama